Listings can be Favorited to view later

While browsing, users can easily save listings. Dushi Guide offers a convenient dashboard where users can see all their previously favorited listings. Listings favorited can be saved with a personal note to each, making sure the listing can be found for later use.

Labeling of listings for easy search

Our labels offer a great way for users to find exactly the businesses they are looking for. During submission, you can choose the labels that best represent your business. Wi-fi available, parking available and take out possible are some examples of labels you can use to make it easier for your business to be discovered.

Keep in contact with customers through Private Messages

Private messages will keep potential customers engaged with your business. You won’t miss any conversation with our email notifications. On the message dashboard, you have an overview of your unread messages and have the possibility to reply to each one of the user inquiries.

Statistics* to keep track of your listing’s performance

Want to know how your business is performing? With our stats function, you can find out how for any period you like. With the stats, you are able to track views and contact clicks on your business listing.

*Available for Premium users.

Location and distance based search

As a business owner, you can manage your map presence by choosing exactly where your business is located on a map. Users can look for businesses just like yours by distance nearest to their location. You can rest assured that your business listing can be found on our website as well as on Google.

Reviews to help gain user’s trust

Did your customers have a great experience? The Dushi Guide review function helps your customers to share this great experience with potential customers. When filtering business listings, users can filter based on highest rated. Listings with good reviews tend to get more business from potential customers.

Verified Badge to ensure your listing is up to date

The verified badge is a way to ensure your listing visitors that your business listings are up-to-date, accurate and relevant. A verified badge is a sign that the business owner can update their listing. Verified listings give more confidence in comparison to an unverified listing.

Easy Listing Payments with your credit card

At Dushi Guide we accept credit card payments as a payment method for the subscription. To handle these payments, we rely on the secure payment services provided by the well-known payment giant, Paypal.

Submit your business to our directory and get found