Today (actually wrote this last Saturday, but only got to publishing it today) I decided to get out of bed, and instead of doing the laundry (I did most of it during the week) I went ahead and made way to the beach.

No idea which beach I was heading to actually. The nieces had a sleepover at my house so I let them decide. Last time we went together, we went to Porto Marie and I wanted to do another beach this time around.

Because there are some beaches I haven’t visited for over 15 years and I really wanted to start revisiting some of them. Growing up, we only visited public beaches, because you know.. money. So after my nieces could not get to an agreement, I made the decision to head West. We went ahead and passed the road towards st. Willibrordus and kept moving West.

Cas Abou it is!

After taking the road to Soto, I decided that today is the day for Cas Abou. You will find the entrance somewhere on the left side of the road.

Entrance Playa Kas Abou Beach
Entrance of Cas Abou

After entering the main entrance to Cas Abou, you first get a long strip of asphalt road that leads to a fork.

Road to Kas Abou Landhuis and Beach

Right before the fork, there is this old abandoned building, Landhuis Kas Abou, on your right.

Keep left at the fork after the Landhuis and you will find the cabin where the security guard sits. At this point, is where you pay the entrance fee.

Cas Abou Entrance Fee

At this cabin is where you pay for your entrance.

The entrance fee from Monday through Saturday is ANG 10,- per car with a maximum of 4 people. On Sundays and on Holidays, the entrance fee is ANG 12,50 per car. Each additional passenger adds ANG 2,50 to the price.

After the cabin, the road turns into a dirt road, that leads all the way to the beach parking.

This one is also a bit rocky and I imagine that it is a bit less perfect to reach the beach when it rains. Once you reach the beach you can park up front and walk on to the beach. Cas Abou parking, much like Playa Sta. Cruz has leveled parking. Which means that the beach and parking are on the same level, whereas beaches like the popular Knip (playa Kenepa) have parking lots that are on a terras higher than the white sandy beaches.

Beach Facilities

Beach Entrance Playa Kas Abou

Cas Abou has a relatively large strip of sand and has plenty of palapas for you to escape the sun.

Kas Abou Beach Curacao

You should get there early if you want to sit under one of the palapas. When we got there, around 10, there were not many left unoccupied. I grabbed a beach chair and started reading until I got a calling from the girls that I should join them in the water. I actually enjoyed it, the sand is white and the water is as clear as you can imagine. After a while, I got back out to get out of the sun. It was clear the nieces enjoyed the beach lot, maybe more than I did because they stayed in the water from when we got there and only came out to play a while in the sand and to eat.

One thing that was notable is that there were some little flying insects that kept on annoying me while lying under my palapa. I do not recall the name of the insects though. But it’s not that bad that you cannot enjoy the beach.

On the beach, there’s a snack bar where you can get something to eat. Nothing fancy, but you don’t have to bring your own food if you don’t want to. It is also possible to bring your own food and drinks. BBQing is not allowed.

You can also rent beach chairs which cost ANG 5,- each (includes complimentary shower coin). There are also restrooms and showers available on the premises. To use the showers, you need a coin (ANG 0.50,-) which as mentioned already comes free with a beach chair rental. I saw kayaks for rent also, but I did not enquire about the price, because I was not about to get one.

After some hours of swimming and entertaining the nieces, it was time to leave. On my way out I stopped at Landhuis Kas Abou to have a look around and take some pictures. Not because I think it is the most beautiful Landhuis Curacao has to offer, but because I actually forgot of its existence.

For more information on this beach, please visit this listing page.

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